Pastor Victor

The Thursday before the curfew.. I was at work, but i had this sudden heaviness. I didn’t understand what it was. It was so strong. I was scheduled to cheer a meeting and i was feeling so heavy. For the very first time, in the many years that i had...

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Sister Tamar

My mom sent me on an errand, as she wasn’t feeling well. I boarded a keke(Auto rickshaw) and they took another route. I kept complaining that he had taking another route. Just then i realized that i was in between a woman and another man. They started pinning my hands...

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Brother Mike Noc

I graduated from the university, many years ago and kept searching for a job. I had a family to feed, but all my efforts were futile until 2017. My uncle purchased acres of farmland and told me to manage it. I accepted the offer with enthusiasm. Things started improving. The...

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Experiencing God’s Glory at Tilburg

Don’t know how to describe Saturday night at Tilburg, than to say the glory fell and there was holy chaos. As we all pressed into the glory, there was a new sound in that church. God began to meet people supernaturally some came forward and fell on the altar, others...

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power of prophetic word

The Power of the Prophetic word

Mrs Shaba: I had been on Kujama mountains for a night praying for my son to return home. My son left September 2011 and we did not hear from him again, It would be four years next month. You gave a prophetic word on the third Sunday evening in December...

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