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Pastor Victor

The Thursday before the curfew.. I was at work, but i had this sudden heaviness. I didn’t understand what it was. It was so strong. I was scheduled to cheer a meeting and i was feeling so heavy. For the very first time, in the many years that i had worked for the state government, i couldn’t go for the scheduled field work. Unanimously, everyone agreed that i waited behind at the office, even though i was posted to Jebba. Every other left for the field. I waited for them to send in data, so i could keep analyzing it. I had been pleading the blood.But that blood that we take for granted. The nudging that we ignore.They are so powerful. They are that of the holy spirit. We need to horn the skill. That heaviness was God. My colleague that was posted to Jebba alongside me didn’t return. The team went out in search and found the burnt car with his bones. He was burnt to ashes. I had worked with this guy for two months at the Jebba posting. I was the one that always did the driving. I am not better than him, but the blood spoke better things for me. It saved me from destruction because I believe in Jesus and his mighty working power. The blood stood in my place and God placed the heaviness on me. I was delivered by God. It was God. Jesus stood in place and took my death. He died my death. The blood speaks. Believe it.

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