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Experiencing God’s Glory at Tilburg

Don’t know how to describe Saturday night at Tilburg, than to say the glory fell and there was holy chaos. As we all pressed into the glory, there was a new sound in that church.

God began to meet people supernaturally some came forward and fell on the altar, others on their knees in their seats, some were shaking under the power, others lying down quietly, others laughing in the Holy Spirit, some were crying, screaming, dancing, drunk in the Spirit, worshipping… There were visions and revelations, the prophetic ministry was like a video playback and tears flowed freely.

A middle aged man born deaf from birth received healing in his right ear. People refused to go home after at the end of the service there was jubilation and dancing by the young and old, when you enter God’s frequency you don’t need a seer to tell you. What a visitation!

Lorraine 55 years of age just shared with me that she had an MRI for her knee and the doctors had told her that there was no cartilage in the knee and the bones were already rubbing on themselves, her pain was unbearable she could not kneel down, had challenge driving and climbing the stairs but her healing was complete. Many more of these testimonies are still coming in. Praise God!

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That’s the Glory of God. Halleluyah!!!!

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