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The Power of the Prophetic word

Mrs Shaba: I had been on Kujama mountains for a night praying for my son to return home. My son left September 2011 and we did not hear from him again, It would be four years next month. You gave a prophetic word on the third Sunday evening in December about a child that walked out of the home, that the child would walk back home. I knelt and cried that day and from that day with joy as though the child had returned. Last week Thursday 13th August the child walked back home, I screamed, rolled on the ground, I began to sing ” You be God you no be man O”, my neighbours came out and I remembered the prophecy.

Emmanuel her son said: ” I went to work and my boss took me another city where I went through rituals and initiations and from that point I lost memory of my family and where I came from. I was given to another mother with 12 other abducted children. I did not know the year was passing but January ending 2015 the “new mother” died and my senses started coming back, I was introduced to a church and last week Thursday the pastor brought me to Kaduna, I only remembered my father’s office.

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